University of Martial Arts
Safe Martial Arts Education


This platform is designed to enrich, educate, and open the minds of all those with a passion for martial arts and learning. University of Martial Arts accomplishes this in a unique and highly interactive way - allowing each practitioner and student to learn martial arts in the same way it has been taught and passed on for centuries. 

Through our online university’s revolutionary interactive online learning system, students will have access to the world’s top masters, educators, practitioners and instructors without having to travel across the country and world to take private lessons and seek out lost or hidden information. 

The university platform is the only online martial arts education platform in the world that is interactive and designed specifically to optimize the learning process. 

Through a revolutionary video evaluation system we will be able to monitor your progress, evaluate your skills, and provide you with invaluable feedback to help you prepare for official belt tests from anywhere in the world.

You will be tested on your training, you will learn to problem solve each technique and you will have access to your instructors. Your curriculum is organized and broken down in the most optimum learning sequence. Each course and belt ranking or certification is designed and curated by the head instructor and a team of education specialists. 


The platform is structured in a way that allows each student an opportunity to form a deep connection with the material presented. Each course uses a variety of training, testing and evaluation factors to preserve the integrity and honesty of the arts taught. This allows the student to learn martial arts and achieve their ranking in the same way that it has been presented, awarded, learned, internalized and passed on for centuries. 

Quality and Connection

We understand that both quality and value often come with a price, therefore our mission has always been to present the most valuable and valid information to anyone willing to take the time and learn. University of Martial Arts is a vehicle to bring the most lucrative and credible training and education to anyone with a willingness to learn and get better, no matter how limited their access.  

Our goal is to help share accurate and authentic information in the way our ancestors shared and educated. We seek to preserve the history of each arts and present a DNA of information the way it was meant to be taught and passed on by its founders and masters. We want to give access not only to those who can afford to travel and pay for private training but to anyone and everyone with a willingness and passion to learn. 


As martial artists, we believe that beneath everything we do there is always a hope for change, evolution and improvement. There is also a need for refinement and for access to the very best sources. University of Martial Arts brings the very best masters, educators, fighters, champions, and legends in their respected field to your doorstep. Our mission is to support our community with the best information, and to create a deep unification across the world through martial arts. 

Martial art has the ability to bridge divides and heal wounds. It teaches you the importance of giving back, thinking about the next generation and looking past yourself. The focus of the university is to support, evolve and protect, not only the creators and masters of today, but also those of tomorrow - our students. 

University of Martial Arts Instructors 

We always consider the years of education, experimentation, and the complex network of support that allows each of our arts and each one of our instructors and students to flourish. Our university brings this into your home, and does so in a way that is sustainable for your training and your growth.  Every course is a delicate thread of stories, weaved together and created to empower and equip the student. 

All of our instructors have earned his or her merit. They are the most highly skilled, credible and knowledgeable individuals in their specific field. They also all have a direct lineage to the arts and areas in which they teach, providing you - the student - with a direct lineage in every art and area you choose to invest your time in.