Kettlebell Certification Level 1

1 hr
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Steve Maxwell
Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Certification Level 1

For the first time and exclusively for University of Martial Arts, the legend of kettlebells, Steve Maxwell, brings his world-renowned Kettlebell Instructor Certification (MKC) course online. This certification is complete with 31 comprehensive video lessons as well as an organized PDF curriculum. 

Certification and Testing Details

Participants will be expected to demonstrate perfect form with single and double kettlebell exercises. This will be tested at the completion of your certification by video submission. Participants will also be tested in their abilities to create a training session/program for an individual or group based on information given by Steve at the certification, which will also be submitted after the course completion.

Requirements to pass the certification:

Your payment alone does not guarantee your certification. Steve signs each certificate himself and takes this responsibility very seriously.

Pass the multiple choice question test

Submit your videos for grading by instructor

Demonstrate perfect form of the exercises covered though the course -upload video to University of Martial Arts platform to be graded by coach Steve himself. 

Display the ability to teach -- and correct -- people who have little or no prior experience of kettlebell training - submit video to University of Martial Arts to be evaluated by coach himself. Most importantly, expect to take from this certification a feeling of confidence in your ability to present, command, and control group and individual kettlebell classes.

Certification Details

In the Level 1 KB Instructor Course you will acquire:

  Refined techniques involved in the most important kettlebell lifts

 The skills to safely teach these lifts to others

 The most common form faults, and how to correct them

 Proper workout construction and design

 Appropriate KB group exercise class structure

 The most important aspects of leading group kettlebell classes

 How to identify and monitor over-reaching and overtraining -- and wisdom to know the difference

You will experience Steve Maxwell's system of training and see why it is world-renowned and highly respected.

What to Expect during a Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Instructor Training:

 Hard work with plenty of hands-on practice

 First-hand experience with Steve Maxwell's signature exercises and techniques

 To hone your intra-personal and inter-personal kettlebell skills

 To take lots of notes -- and to have your questions answered

 To learn about the classroom structure, design, and administration of group kettlebell classes at your own pace, as each video is available for you to master and learn on your own time

 To learn the 12 most common kettlebell form breaks and errors -- and how to fix them (many people tell us the Faults & Fixes segment is worth the price of admission)

To return home with plenty of great programing ideas

**Download Certificate of Completion upon finishing course**

Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Certification Level 1
Stephen Maxwell is a world renowned fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Named one of the top 100 trainers in the United States by Men's Journal, Maxwell was the first man to teach kettlebell classes in the United States, popularizing the tool into the highly recognized fitness staple it is today.