Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Series Part 1 with Carlos Sapão

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Carlos Sapão

Learn straightforward, practical, and effective self-defense tactics from the legendary Carlos Sapão.

25 lessons (Part 1 of 3):

* Useful and effective for law enforcement and military, as well as the general population

* Easy-to-comprehend techniques

* Sport and Self-Defense applications

* Defense, Escapes, and Reversals

Carlos Sapão is a 4th degree black belt known for his “impassable guard”. He became a black belt at 21 and accomplished many Jiu-Jitsu titles in Brazil and internationally. He began competing in the Adult Divisions at age 13 and won his first major title at age 16 (Pan American Champion 1997- Blue Belt Adult Division). Sapão's headquarters academy will open in the Bay Area September 2019. He also travels the world spreading the love and the connection of Jiu-Jitsu.