Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Series Part 3 with Carlos Sapão

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Carlos Sapão
In the third part of his Self Defense mastery series, Carlos Sapão shows us even more tactics that can be used on the mats or on the street for sport or protection. 19 video lessons include: * Knee-on-Belly details, chokes and submissions from, and escapes * Triangle escapes * Guard passes Ideal for students of all levels of experience. Works as a standalone course or in conjunction with Self Defense Series 1 and 2 with Carlos Sapão. **Receive a Certificate of Completion for download upon completing course**
Carlos Sapão is a 4th degree black belt known for his “impassable guard”. He became a black belt at 21 and accomplished many Jiu-Jitsu titles in Brazil and internationally. He began competing in the Adult Divisions at age 13 and won his first major title at age 16 (Pan American Champion 1997- Blue Belt Adult Division). Sapão's headquarters academy will open in the Bay Area September 2019. He also travels the world spreading the love and the connection of Jiu-Jitsu.