Omoplata Mastery Series Part 1

1.5 hrs
To complete
Clark Gracie

In this exclusive series complete with 43 video lessons you will learn the Omoplata attack from the person that has used it more effectively than anyone in the history of modern sport jiu-jitsu competition. 

Clark Gracie will take you through all of his most notable and effective Omoplata entries, variations, and finishes. 

In recent years Clark has had countless finishes and incredible variations of this move. The martial arts world has begun calling the techniques from which he executes the submission “clarkoplata”. 

In this exclusive omoplata series Clark takes a martial artist of any level through every possible position and variation, setup and execution of the Omoplata. 

**Download Certificate of Completion upon finishing course**

Pan American & World Masters Champion, Clark Gracie is the grandson of Carlos Gracie senior, the original founder of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.