Guillotine Chokes

1 hr
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Jake Shields

In this exclusive series complete with 15 video lessons your instructor Jake Shields teaches you first-hand how to apply the guillotine choke to any opponent from the most essential standing and ground positions. 

The guillotine choke, also known as Mae Hadaka Jime 前裸絞, is an essential fundamental of any self defense tactic, as well as any form of grappling and mixed martial arts mastery. 

Jake Shields shares his in-depth first-hand knowledge on how this technique can be applied from a variety of positions, with a large variety of grip holds and his special finishing details. 

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Jake Shields holds a very impressive mixed martial arts record having fought many top competitors in the sport. He is highly resected as a martial artist and in his professional fighting career in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), World Series of Fighting and many other very notable organizations.