Muay Thai

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Ognjen Topic

Learn the art of Muay Thai from 3x World Champion, and the man ranked as the No. 1 fighter in the USA (Super Feather Weight Division), Ognjen Topic.

Exclusively for University of Martial Arts, you can learn the same detail and precision of the art that has made Ognjen Topic such a dangerous and successful opponent in the ring.

In this exclusive series complete with 27 video lessons, Ognjen will breaking down the system and techniques as they were taught to him, and as he is now passing on in his classes and seminars around the world. Each lesson in Ognjen's course makes sure that no detail is left unexplained and that any student of any level can benefit.

Click below to watch the class trailer and learn more about this unique opportunity to learn and master the art of Muay Thai. 

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America’s #1 Ranked fighter Ognjen Topic. In the current world of finite focus, overstimulation, and sensitivity, figures such as Topic stand out among the rest.