French Savate

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Nicolas Saignac

In this exclusive series complete with 26 video lessons,  Nicolas Saignac, the highest ranking Savate instructor in the United States, introduces and takes you through the fundamental and intermediate level techniques of the art of Boxe Française, Savate. 

Nicolas steadily introduces you to the most essential footwork, foot combination drills, sweeps, kicks and punches in the art of Savate. 

In this course you can expect to be taken through the most foundational training principles; including drills and training techniques to help you learn and enhance the speed of your footwork, the placement of your kicks, and the combination of your strikes with accuracy and skill. 

 **Download Certificate of Completion upon finishing course**

Nicolas Saignac is the highest ranking Savate, Boxe Française instructor in the United States. Nicolas reached the final of the French Cup in 1987 and won the title the following year. Today his focus is passing on the art of Savate through teaching, coaching, judging and refereeing.