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About Carlos Sapão

Carlos Sapão is a fourth-degree black belt and multiple-time World and Brazilian National Champion known for his "impassable guard". He began competing in the Adult Divisions at age 13, winning his first major title at age 16 (Pan American Champion 1997- Blue Belt Adult Division). He has dedicated his life to the art of Jiu-Jitsu since the young age of six, training directly under the Gracie family lineage. He earned his black belt at 21 from Ralph Gracie and continues to train and teach jiu-jitsu around the globe. 

Sapão's focus is the connection the art gives to the world, finding the joy in the movement, and training for life. He makes jiu-jitsu useful and effective for everyone no matter their goals - for health, law enforcement, or military. In his three-part series exclusive to University of Martial Arts, Professor Sapão has chosen to specialize and focus specifically on the area of jiu-jitsu self defense. 

After over two decades of competition, Carlos has shifted focus from chasing medals to passing on his knowledge of the gentle art.