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Master the Guillotine Choke with Jake Shields

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About Jake Shields

Jake Shields holds an impressive record in mixed martial arts, including an almost unheard of 15 fight win streak among his 32 mixed martial arts wins. In addition to mixed martial arts wins over UFC champions Robbie Lawler (by way of guillotine choke) and Tyrone Woodley, and Hall of Famer Dan Henderson, Jake was the last Rumble on The Rock Welterweight Champion, the Elite XC Welterweight Champion, a Shooto Welterweight Champion and the Strikeforce Middleweight Champion. 

Jake has also won numerous Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, including being a three-time Grapplers Quest Advance Champion, the Pan Am Open Advance Submission Champion, the Gracie Open Superfight champion and winner the Pan American Championships.  

Jake has trained with, learned from and coached a wide range of fighters across martial arts, including legendary figures such as Chuck Liddell and Cesar Gracie.