Nicolas Saignac

French Savate

Learn the Art of Savate from the Highest Ranking Savate Instructor in the United States

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About Nicolas Saignac

Savate was developed through a mix of street fighting techniques and those developed by sailors in 19th century France. Traditional Savate in northern France and Parisian slums involved the use of heavy shoes which were used to deliver devastating kicks and hand strikes to the nervous system. 

During the 1970s Savate was refined into a ring sport known for its fluidity, mobility and rapid combinations. Holding a Silver Glove 2nd degree, Nicolas Saignac is the highest ranking Savate Boxe Francaise instructor in the United States. He has received training under the famed Franco DiGuglielmo, and has won the prestigious French Cup, among other Savate championships during his six years of competition. 

Professor Saignac has been featured in many martial arts reviews and documentaries, including: Martial Arts: The Real Story, Modern Warriors, and World Combat Championship. Professor Saignac has spent the last 25 years perfecting, practicing and teaching his art. In addition to authoritative articles and videos, Professor Saignac has coached several US teams to World Savate Championships.