$75.00 USD


Clark Gracie - Self Defense

From the grandson of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Creator, Carlos Gracie, and 2013 Pan American Champion - Middleweight Division, Clark Gracie himself offers a full Self Defense Course that you can learn, train and perfect all without stepping foot in a gym or academy.

What you'll get with Clark Gracie's Self Defense Course:

  •  26 Complete video lessons
  • Front standing choke escape, Front kick defense and 2 Grip on shirt defenses
  • Pushing defense, Punching headlock, 2 Standing headlock defenses and 2 Defending headlock defenses from the ground
  • Shoulder grab defense, 3 headlock from behind defenses, Under and Over arm bear hug from front, side and behind escapes
  • Swing punch defense, Double punch defense and Choke defense from the ground
  • Hair grab defense, Rocking chair defense and Standing Guillotine defense

Any one of these maneuvers may save your life. Don't miss out!