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Have everything you need to become fully certified by Sifu Dan Anderson himself when you add Phase 3. 

*Purchase does not guarantee certification, Phase 1 must have also been purchased and completed prior to Certification.

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Dan Anderson - Weaponry Certification: Phase 2 (Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Martial Arts)

For the first time ever, and exclusive to University of Martial Arts, Sifu Anderson takes you through the curriculum that has helped develop and educate world champions, law enforcement and military personnel, and tens of thousands of regular individuals from all walks of life.

What you'll get in Phase 2:

"This is where we refine and expand your skill through our attribute development training"

  • 12 complete video lessons 
  • Single Stick- Fan series, Long range Abevedario and Closed position long range counters
  • Single Stick - Ejections, Strip and keep and Vine disarm
  • Single Stick - High box 1, High box 2, High box 3 and High box 4
  • Double Stick - Open position weaving pattern and Long range counters

Certification & Testing

Upon completion of all phases (phases 1,2&3)) participants will be expected to demonstrate perfect form, understanding and technique. This will be tested at the completion of our certification by video upload. Video uploading will be required for this course series. Every video and submission will be looked over and graded by Sifu Dan Anderson and/or a member of his staff.

Note: Phases 1 and 3 are sold separately. 

What the Pros Are Saying:

You can't go wrong with the University of Martial Arts. The platform is simplistic and easy to use, clearly mapping out the programs on offer with such a wide range of both talent and martial arts disciplines to choose from. This site is a sweet shop for any martial arts enthusiast and a great alternative to gym training during these uncertain times with a variety of physical and martial paths to take in reaching your goals and how you would like to personally develop your skills as a martial artist, fighter or even just someone looking to learn self-defense.

Julie Kitchen